Modal Pop-Up not delaying

I’ve asked this question before, but…

I have a modal pop-up on my site and I set it to delay 10 seconds and whenever I preview it, it works fine. But when I go to my site on an actual browser, it still pops up immediately. Did I do something wrong? Is there another step that I need to take to make it delay properly?

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hi @LaDonna Modal will show immediately even in previewer, there are a few issues

  1. Your animation is assigned when scroll into view but Modal is in view on load. You should set you animation to on page load : when page finishes loading
  2. in your animation you do not have time (delay) set for Hide/Show : show

Once these issues will be fixed you Modal will show correctly in preview and on live page.

Hey @Stan,

I don’t understand (I watched a tutorial to create this thing. I don’t really know what I’m doing at all). How can the animation and modal are set to two different things? And I don’t see an option to change from “when scroll into view” to page load/or anything else.

I made the adjustments the best that I could figure, but it flashes at the top of the screen, disappears and then reappears a few seconds later.

hi @LaDonna to be able better understand how it should work I have done short video

I hope it will solve your request

Hey @Stan, Thank you so much for the video! The animation was missing because I was working on it at the same time. I decided to delete the old one and create again - that opened up the option for a page trigger instead of element trigger so that I could select on page loading.

The problem now is that the modal flashes on the screen on page loading (this is the live staging page that webflow provides:, disappears and then reappears after the few seconds delays. How do I stop it from loading like that?

EDIT: Nevermind- I figured it out. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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hi @LaDonna that’s super you have make it work :partying_face:

One more thing you can improve. When page load it will scroll down to form. This is because you have your input filed in focus. Once you remove focus the site homepage will load on top as it should. If you will struggle with how to there are already solved request with identical issue.

Have a great day or night :upside_down_face:

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! I didn’t know how to fix that