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Modul pop up appear after a certain period of time

Hey fellow flowers,

I would like to have my modul pop up appear after a certain periode of time.

E.g. a visitor is on our site and after 50 seconds of viewing, I would like my pop up to appear with a promt to get in contact.

Is this possible somehow?



This is only possible with custom code. An easier way to do this with interactions is to show the popup after the user has scrolled down to a section.

Can do it if it’s just on one page - say the Home/landing page.

Create and style a popup div to hold the popup content (set max z index, 100vw 100vh position fixed)
Create contents of popup
Set popup class to Display None
Create an interaction for popup div, trigger is Load
Step one Show None, Wait 50000ms (or however long you want)
Step Two Show Block, 0% opacity, 0ms
Step Three Show Block, 100% opacity, 200ms


Or have a look at this Codepen
Just need to use your class names etc in the script and embed into the page

Not going to work if you hit a link within the site - the Wait will start all over again (btw 50 seconds seems an awfully long time?)

Good luck

PS Don’t forget the Close popup button - I learnt the hard way

PPS Have a look at the Webflow video - just change the Click to Load and add the Wait at the start of the interaction

Hey I cant remember where but a great designer on webflow made this possible by adding this code

before the /body.

hope this helps.
and thank you sooooo much for the person who wrote the above code. Please tag or comment if you know who wrote it. Very much appreciated.