How to: create table + have lines go off page, but text is aligned with the heading

Hi! I’m new to webflow and have a lot to learn… this is probably simple but I am wondering what’s the most efficient way to create in webflow per the screenshot attached? I want the “who am I” text to align with the “about” heading

I have tried using a table but I wasn’t sure how to manipulate the lines to go off the page.
Now, I’ve tried using div blocks within the “about” container, but still the issue of how to get the lines to go off the page…

thank you in advance, i’m having fun figuring this all out!

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Hello @Olivia, welcome to the community!
So you can make those lines easily with borders, however they will not go out your container’s max width. So to make the lines go to the edges, you will have to take the “who i am” content outside your container2 and get rid of your section side padding, you can adjust that back with the container’s max width. I hope this helps!

Hi Pablo! Thanks so much.

I just updated it… would you mind taking a look? My concern is that I’ve set this max width of 2100 so the lines stretch, but obviously makes it difficult to align the who am I titles on the left until the screen is about 1500. Was what I did the right approach?

Really appreciate your feedback… learning a lot by trial and error and still grasping a lot of concepts over here :sweat_smile:

Hey @Olivia, sure, I rebuilt your layout and made a short video about it Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom, basically you have to add the same container you have on your top heading to your table layout, it is a little complicated, because you need a lot of divs, but it is not that bad. I hope this helps!

PABLO. I wish I could say that learning webflow has not brought me tears, but thank you so much for this video. It’s really helped and it made a lot of sense. I have so much to learn and I’m trying!!! THANK YOU

Do you ever worry about 1440px screen sizes and up? I get so lost when it comes to this and I go down reponsiveness rabbit holes.

Is it too knitpicky to want to align the who I am titles with the about? I know it’s hard because of the 1450px on container2 but I’m trying to have alignment!

Thank you again.

Hey @Olivia, you were missing a container that makes it work on breakpoints above 1440. I made another video about adding that container Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom I hope this helps!

Also, if you were wondering, to place an element inside another element in the Webflow navigator panel just drag the element to the left to make it go inside the above element or to the right to take it out.

Pablo, forever thank you! Your videos were immensely helpful and I really, really appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Thank you for your words of encouragement too!

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