What is the best way to make a header so it's on one line and not returned

Occasionally I have an issue with getting the header on one line. I’m not exactly sure why. I was able to do it if you scroll down on my page, but not on the top one entitled “Virtual Music Lessons.” What did I do wrong? This is on mobil. Also on desktop, how do I get the “what you get” Aligned properly?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Sunlight's Fabulous Site
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First of all welcome to the Webflow forum.

And regarding the issue, it’s just that you’ve to follow a structure.

On the top one your content is inside container but on the second one it’s the section and then there is columns inside.

So the thing it container has a max-width property so it will not go beyond that width. But on the second one you do not have a width or max-width applied, so it goes full width.

Usually we put content inside the container so it doesn’t go full width upto certain point. So if you want that then put that columns inside a container. But if you want full width then do not use container.

Ok, thanks @abriana. The only issue is when I turn the max width to 0, I get screwed.