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How to create simple numerical list

I know this is pretty basic but I am not seeing a tutorial on this or anything in the FAQ and I don’t want to sit through a whole site tutorial to see if it’s in there but I just want to make a numerical list. I see articles on making dynamic list but I just want to be able to type an item and hit return and have the next number show. Pretty simple I thought…

Steps are I have have inserted a text block
put some text in
gave it a class name
in the typographic panel chose decimal

Nothing happens. It doesn’t even make bullets if I click on the bullet list. Is there some step I am missing?

The page with the list is under poemzz/muzzic

Here is my public share link: LINK
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You can use “Rich text” element.
Here is new feature about creating lists:

Continuing the discussion from New feature: Ordered and unordered lists:

Put cursor inside some paragraph and hit enter button. When cursor will start new line there should appear “+” sign. Anyway you can start to type number+dot+ space and text will automatically become numerical list.


Thanks Sabanna for the response but what I am having trouble getting to happen is that “ribbon”. How do I make that little plus thing appear? I clicked the list button in the typographic window and now when I click on any text box I see that the bulleted list is checked but I still can’t seem to invoke it.

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