How to create PDF from Webflow Form (Webflow, Zaiper &

Namaste everyone,
Here is how I created a simple invoice generator using webflow native forms
I hope you will be aware about basic, stuffs – If not feel free to ask in thread

Services Used:

  1. Webflow Native Forms
  2. Zapier - Create an Account
  3. - Create Account
  4. Open Source: Invoice HTML Template

Step 1:

  1. Webflow Design & Setup
    – Created webflow design (Using Slides and Form)

    – Frontend Previewsteps-flow-preview

πŸ’‘Set all names in the correct and easy-to-remember format

Step 2: Setting Up Automation

Setup Webflow
1. Open Zapier
2. Create new Zap
3. Webflow  Form Tigger (Connect Account, Project & Form in the right order)
4. Test Webflow Forms

1. Search
2. Event: Anything to PDF Converter
3. Connect your connect
4. Setup an Action:
   "Input Type": "Raw HTML to PDF"
5. Add HTML Code with Inline CSS (I have open sourced invoice template: open on [github](
6. Add Dynamic data / Link form data in HTML input (shown in the image below)
7. Name: Add the name you want for invoice file to be (dynamic or static, both works)
    That's All πŸš€

Step 3: Setup Outbound Email

  1. Setup data and details, as per your requirements
  2. IMP β†’ In Attachments call URL data

That’s all - It should be all working
Let me know if you need any help :raised_hands: