Converting my Webflow form to a PDF and having the filled in information transfer over

Hi, I am using Zapier as my third-party integration tool. My trigger is a “Form submission in Webflow” and my action is to “Create a module entry in Zoho CRM”, everything works up to this point.

When the information gets transferred over to CRM I would also like for there to be a PDF attachment of the form sent over. This is capable by adding another action and using, however, when I go to look at the attached PDF form in CRM none of the information of the submitted form is filled out.

How do I make the form convert to a PDF and be filled out with the given information from the form submission?

Below are two images, one of my zap and the second is what the form looks like once converted to PDF and attached under a lead in CRM.

Your PDF Filler action is incomplete. You have only connected it but you have to manually select the fields you would like to be entered within the PDF.

Click on the 3rd action and you should get some options.