How to Create Locked Page for CMS Cases

How can I manually lock specific cases for portfolio viewing in CMS?

Hi Alvin, what do you mean by “lock”?

If you mean password-protect, Webflow only offers an all-or-none approach. There’s no elegant, native way to secure things at the item level.

Basically you’d need two collections, one for Cases, one for Locked Cases.

If you’re desperate to centralize the data into Cases, you could hack something like this-

  • “Cases” Collection A has your cases
    • It also contains a “Locked?” switch field
  • “Locked Cases” Collection B contains only a single-ref to A
    • Use the same slugs as you’re using in A
  • Build out your Cases page
    • Any cases which are “locked” are conditionally hidden and redirected to the corresponding locked page with custom code ( same slug )
  • Build out your Locked Cases page
    • You’ll be working through a ref, so there are some limitations but most things are accessible. Get creative.
    • Set a password on you locked pages collection page

Note this is not secure, conditional vis still stores the content in the page so even with the redirect, someone knowledgeable could potentially find and access the content for your locked items through the unlocked collection page. However Webflow wouldn’t display that content on the page visibly.

Is it possible to get some help with creating the locked cases?