How to link a CMS collection page to another CMS collection page


I’m relatively new to using Webflow, but I’ve been working with it for several months now. I recently created a case study using a CMS collection page and duplicated it to translate it into another language. I’ve been attempting to establish a connection between the English (ENG) version and the Japanese (JP) version of the case study by implementing a translation button.

My question is: Is it possible to link one CMS page to another CMS page in Webflow? I’d like to ensure a seamless transition between the different language versions of my content.

Any guidance or assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi Crystal, Webflow is releasing its localization support any day now. For what you’re describing that’s the best way to go.

Other than that, yes you could have two duplicate collections, one with the English version of your content, and one with the Japanese version. Then you can create single ref fields from the English article to the Japanese one, and vice-versa.

You’d likely need to use script to create the correct alt links between the translations.

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Thank you this is very informative !

It has worked perfectly !!!
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