How to create button as a nav bar element

I am interested in adding an actual button to a navigation menu. The type of button with rounded corners, colored background etc. (just like the Learn More button in the Hero section) I can’t find any information on how to do this on this forum. Am I doing an incorrect search? Surely I am not the first person to wonder about this right?

Many thanks!

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Hi @onebravegirl,

Even if you are using a webflow navbar object you should still just be able to drag a button into the element and place it/style it as you need with the normal css options - allowing you to round corners etc. If you already have a button style you can just apply that to the navbar one you create so they all look the same. Then just change the button text.

The pre-made elements that you can use from the webflow interface just have initial common formats that are helpful as a starting point, but virtually everything can be deleted or customised as you like - including adding any kind of element you need.

Hope that is what you wanted to know.


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