How do I add a dropdown to an existing navbar button?

My client wants me to add another page as a sub page under one of the menu items. I know how to add a dropdown menu button but I am not sure how to add it to an existing button?

Here is the link

Hi @tedserwebflow,

Add dropdown menu is pretty easy, just drag from the panel and drop to the navbar, between your navlinks.
You can move existing link to “Dropdown Toggle” part. Then dropdown link will be clickable and can be opened like a sub-menu. Also you can move existing links to the “Dropdown List”.


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Ah - Thanks Sabanna, I was trying to physically move it but wasn’t thinking how I could do it through the navigator panel. I knew it was easy and I was just missing something. Thanks for the hint!


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Always welcome :wink: Do not hesitate to ask if you need more help

Actually I do need more help!!

I am still wrestling with formatting. I have the dropdown button in there now but for some reason the dropdown in gray and I don’t see anyway to select it and make it red like they want. The drop down is on the “storylinezz” button and I would like the link that drop down to be styled like the rest. When I try and style it it says it’s being styled by another selector. I don’t know how to find that. Is there way to just see the code for the CSS? I see the list but now I am just getting confused and going backwards.

I just want to make the dropdown a different color and wider so the button text doesn’t wrap. Any ideas what I am missing? Here is the links again

Ok, try to follow my steps from this video: :wink:

Thanks Sabanna for recording that! I loved seeing you click on the various things to try and figure out what what is doing what. Very helpful. Thank you!

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Well, it is kinda like driving not your car,have to try how things work first :smile:

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