How to create a separate mobile website?


I’m not very experienced in web design, so this may be an apparent question.

I already posted a laptop internet site this is deliberately brutal and without a doubt now not responsive.
Granted it is very painful to navigate on mobile gadgets and I knew that might be the case.

My preliminary plan was to make a totally separate cellular model from scratch in order that I can recreate a comparable retro fashion to the laptop model. My query is how do I absolutely go approximately creating a cellular-specific model of my website online on Webflow? Can you please visit my site and guide me what changes should i do. here is the link of my site kindly check and guide me i am waiting for your response.


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Looking at your site on my mobile device, and it looks functional. Looks like your current site is in WordPress.

Generally you wouldn’t build two sites, a mobile and desktop one. But rather you would build a responsive one. So it’s the same site, but as you size your screen down, the styles are adjusted to fit the screen size better. However it is still the same site and content.

Webflow is great for this. You would design your computer breakpoint size and then work your way down to mobile making the needed adjustments.