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Mobile Site? How Do I do this in WebFlow

So… before I moved this project to WebFlow, I was designing a business site that had a completely separate mobile version. I have posted in another thread that my current format is not working well on the iphone… but even if I get that sorted out, it really needs to be styled properly, with larger type, etc.

So how can that be done in webflow? I was using a sniffer script on my old site. I know these have fallen out of favor, but it was working pretty well. Can I insert that code somehow? Or does WebFlow have their own proprietary system?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow -

Please would you clarify what you mean when you say “So how can that be done in webflow”?

Does Webflow have an option to create a mobile version of the site that will display only on mobile phones? Something that can be easily styled differently than the desktop site?

The answer appears to be Breakpoints

When you build a website in Webflow it does give you the option to style all the pages for different screen sizes so each page can be viewed on any screen size or device. Webflow is excellent for creating sites that look great on any device. There are lots of videos on the WF website that give a great overview of how to use it. This page is a great place to start. Hope that helps.

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So… I went back and applied some knowledge that I have acquired here and WFU, and I think it’s looking great! Thanks all for your help!

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