Creating A Mobile Only Design

Hello, friendly folks of the Webflow community. I am currently working on designing for my first ever website. Me and my partner want to change our existing forum to a brand new format. As more than 80% of our users are mobile users, we are looking at implementing a dual-route approach to render the new site design.

I understand that Webflow is here primarily to help users to design webpages that cascade down from desktop to mobile portrait view. So, my question is, would I be able to design purely on the mobile viewport (without caring about how the desktop layout turns out) and export the code section purely for the mobile design?

Or, should I design following the Webflow structure and design from desktop down and will that add a lot of weight to the load of the site when users browse from mobile devices?

And lastly, if I do code purely on the mobile viewport, does it still render the desktop view code?

I’m sorry if I’m not being very clear. I don’t come with code knowledge, and I’m literally learning new terms day by day. Thank you again for everyone’s help~

Here is my site Read-Only: I have no design yet, as I am trying to figure this small kink out

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Hey @_Rachel

Not very sure about this, but the visual changes are pure CSS for particular breakpoint. I believe you can just design for mobile > export the code > use only the mobile breakpoint CSS and remove everything else.

Maybe there’s a better approach.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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