Help with Mobile Version of my Site

I bascially new to Webflow and started working on a site (idea), then I looked at it in the Mobile Framework and WOW - it is a total disaster! It looks and works well on the Desktop, but taking over to Mobile is not acceptable at all.

I know some changes made on Mobile do not go up to the Desktop, but some do… Bottom line can (a) this design be fixed to work on Mobile or (b) can I completely alter/create a mobile layout that will not in anyway inetrrupt my Desktop version or maybe there is a ©

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Both options are completely viable.

I went through your site and there are somethings that I would suggest if you’re starting with webflow.

a. Use webflow components for your site structure, all of them are natively responsive so theres a little work to be done at the en of your desktop view.
b. Flexbox view its a powerful way to accommodate your site content
c. Try to use percentages instead of pixels or let Webflow manage height itself for Sections
and the must important one…
d. Keep learning at all times: here is a great start


Thank you for your time and reply. I did use the Side Bar Layout / Flexbox to build this site thus far, so that is another reason I was confused that the framework was so bad in mobile.

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