How to create a PDF from a Form filled by my client?

Hi dear community!

my name is Carlos, I’m very new to Webflow and I’m trying be best to get to know it very well.
I would like to be helped on the next scenario:

I want to create a PDF from a form filled by a customer and then send it to his email?

How can I achieve this?

thank you so much!!

You can’t do it natively in Webflow. Some server-side code is required.

Perhaps take a look at these to generate a PDF file from a webpage:

And then sending off the PDF file via email:

Of course you’ll also need your own server/shared hosting to host this custom server-side code/app.

Hi Carlos,

You can certainly use a 3rd party service integration for this to happen. I have used it for a client. It takes the webflow’s form data and it’s then zapped to FormStack Documents then formstack takes that data and populates the PDF then emails it to the person that completed the form.

If it weren’t for your comment, I would’ve accepted the first answer. Thanks a ton.