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How to autopopulate a PDF form

Hi there,
I’d like to use the form option on webflow to prefill a separate PDF file when the user hits “submit”.
i.e., you fill in your name, number, address, hit “submit”, and the website spits out an already-filled in pdf for you with your info so all you have to do is print it out.
Any ideas and help is appreciated!
Thank you!

@fight4sushi welcome to the Webflow forum. Doing this is going to require some custom work, but it does look like you could pass your form data to Zapier and use their Google Cloud Print connection to create the pdf. Delivering that to the user would be much easier to do via email, rather than producing a pdf on the fly and spitting that out to the user.

See documentation here:

It would probably be possible to have this occur “on the site” and have it download directly, but would definitely require custom development, most likely a custom app.

Sam, are you working for this brand?

@NatalieManning - are you asking if I work for Zapier? Or some other brand, sorry I’m a bit confused by your question. But the answer to both is no