How to create a exit popup in webflow?

How to create a exit popup in webflow?

Hello @Anderson_Min

I created a simple example here:

Go to Pop Up page and see the preview to see it working. You can always play with the design, interactions and values depending on what do you want to achieve.

Check it out and see if that helps you.



Hi @aaronocampo
It’s very nice for you to reply.

I want a Popup show when a visitor leaves my page, It means when guys move their mouse to tab bar try to close my website, The Popup show.

In your preview link, I can only see a rectangle become a circle. And I see that “text” have a close Interaction. Don’t see other elements have interactions.

Can you explain how you achieve that?

Thank you very much.

Like I said here, you need to go to the page called Pop Up to see it.

I don’t think that can be achieved inside Webflow but you can always use custom code.

I guess you can place an empty div in the topleft & topright corner, and when the user hovers over it (moves their mouse to the tab bar) the popup shows up. I might be wrong here(?)

Fixed position on the divs and voila :slight_smile:

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