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I want to open a popup on page load, So when user my page they willsee a popup like a form then they will fill it and popup will close and they can see a actuall page, I did some stuff from modal window example which I got here https://preview.webflow.com/preview/mamaluccis-luccis?preview=d0a3424f7c865f577d5c31d378a15994 on page name “Popup”, even that popup is also not working can someone please help me how can I make this.

In Simple words I need a popup will shown when user open my page on load.


I have done it with popup interaction now on page load popup showing, I need when user fill detail and click on submit then popup close, not from close link, then I will remove close link, there will only submit button, which will aloow user to fill detail then that same submit button will close popup.

You’re going to need custom code to achieve that in WF.

OK @aaronocampo Thanks

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