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I can't adjust slider hight

Hi, I’m having trouble with the slider hight and can’t figure out how to see my image at 100% Am I putting the image in the wrong place? here is how I set it up: container/slider/ then I gave slide1 a class, uploaded image and set it as cover.

Hmmm that’s really odd. Can you post your Public link so I can see how exactly you have it set up?

To change slider height click on the Slider element (behind the Slide1 and Mask) and give it a height.

Sure, thanks for responding.

Hmmm, ok. Now it’s showing but not sizing down like the other images. Is this possible?

I’ve tried to set the hight on the slider element to 100% but it’s not responding. The width works fine though.

I got it to work! I just deleted what I previously had and recreated it. Thanks again!