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Slider image doesn't Size Correctly

When adding an Image to the slider, 1261 x 618 375kb jpeg, It does not cover or contain properly. When I add Section then add a slider to that or just add a slider the height is very small compared to the picture.
When I add a Section then a Container and then a background or just an image I get better but the same results. If I set the size of the section the Slider stays half the height and the image is still cut off. If I set the size of the container then the image is still cut off.
There is a lot of work that needs to be done with the slider module. How does this thing work? I’ve read and watched the documentation and read a lot of comments but see no answers. Do we just have to code this ourselves then?
If you can not add an image that is constrained what good is it? If I have to set the images actual size then Responsive goes away.

I’ve just finished Home Page for A client, I used the slider - work perfect for me. If you ran into an issue share it with us we (at list - ME :slight_smile:) help you; I opened the Link and the slider looks good.

Thank you for replying. It looks ok on the desktop but you have to set a height which breaks it’s responsiveness. I had to set a size on the section. What did you do about that?

I shared the link of My project. Dive in and don’t hesitate to ask…

home page slider

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Thanks for the link. Mine seems very similar. I think maybe somehow things got messed up and the functionality is just off from some errant code. I am just trying it out so I can’t change that.