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How to control which keyboard is shown with an input on mobile?

with an “input” shown on mobile, how to show the correct keyboard according to number, tel, …

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Hi, there is not some setting in Webflow, that let you select which keyboards are shown on mobile. You can however experiment with different form fields using html code and the embed widget, using some examples from this page:

I have not tested, but you can try to create a form in Webflow also, and setup some Custom Attributes (click on Gear icon for form field settings) and specify an attribute with name = “TYPE” AND value = to one of the values as specified in the example page above.

Try one of those two things, see if it works for you. A lot of times, finding the sweet spot means doing some experimentation with different mobile devices.


it seems impossible to specify an attribute with name=“type” because it is reserved which can not be modify within webflow.

any ways else?

I am not sure how else to force a particular keyboard in mobile using only html or javascript command. This post will not be deleted, in case some method is found or someone else in the forum may have a solution.