Ability to use Telephone Numbers in TEL format in forms

I’ve been a Webflow user for a while now, and your platform is great.

One thing that bothers me is the fact that it seems like I can’t define a field in a contact form as a phone number field,

so that the user’s numerical keyboard will appear when he or she click the field to type in it.

Take a look at the mobile version of this landing page, for instance - http://pullmantur.webflow.io

When clicking the animated salesperson icon, a single-field form appears in which the user is asked to fill in his phone number.

It could be awesome to display the numerical keyboard instead of the alphabetical one.

Thanks in advance!

I came across this, it might help:


@thesergie could this be added to the field types? I tried adding type=‘tel’ but it seems to be reserved, any way around this?


Add an id called Phone-Number to your input element and then embed the following javascript on your page.

document.getElementById('Phone-Number').type = "tel"; //

I’m curious whether anyone has had success with this?