Support "tel" input type

Phone number entry is very common today and setting input type of “tel” on an input brings up the appropriate keyboard on mobile devices.

Can we have “tel” added to the input types? (Text, Email, Password, Phone)

It seems like this would be a straightforward, quick feature addition and I see requests for it going back years on the forums.


Don’t stop at tel, we have lots of types:


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It’s basic stuff like this which has me asking questions :thinking:

Although I agree in principle with supporting all the HTML5 types, I can understand limiting it to a handful that don’t require additional attributes set on the input. Being able to manage those additional attributes in the UI would be quite a bit of work.

However, “tel” is super common now, provides a much improved UI experience to users, and does not require any additional attributes on the input. It should be relatively easy to add and would really be helpful.

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