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How to change the sender email address for E-commerce purchase

Hi everyone! I am using webflow commerce now. I am wondering if there is any way to either

  1. change the sender email addresss for ecommerce purchase such as order confirmation, order shipped etc which is under Email section?
  2. stop sending these emails from being sent completely?

Currently the sender address to customers is “” whenever we receive orders or ship our products.
However, we want to replace that email with our own email so customers can get used to our own email adress.
If I were to go with 2) route, I will just set an automated email with zapier but want to make sure we are not sending these from webflow’s default sender email address.

If anyone have experience with this, would love to hear!

Yes option 2 is possible from the ecommerce settings in the ‘Notifications’ section.

Thank you! Found it!