How to change the primary locale?

I have a website that was created in Portuguese, but now the client wants to change the main language to English. I can’t change the “primary location”, I would like some help solve the problem

I’m actually not certain that’s possible.
From what I understand, the primary locale is simply the one the site was designed with. Everything translates from that base. You may not be able to change that base without rebuilding the site in English.

Best bet is to ask support for guidance.

If it’s not possible natively, and you really don’t want to rebuild, it could be done using a reverse proxy that;

  • Changes the x-default lang
  • Does path and link adjustments
  • Updates the sitemap

If you’re using Localization Pro with auto-routing enabled, or with translated paths however, it would be quite messy to design around that.

@Contato_Blah Just wondering if you managed to fix this in the end? I’m running into the same thing.