Change primary locale

Hello guys!

I am form Hungary / Europe.
I built a site in English before localization was present, so my default website was English.

Now, i subscribed localization and made the Hungarian version next to the English. (I had to translate everything)

But my primary language still English, hovewer, i want to change it to Hungarian.

How can i do this? I cannot switch the promary language in the localization menu.



Same here, I have built the site in English and translated it to German and Spanish, however, I want the primary language to be German. and I can’t find a way to switch it to German…


I hope somebody can help.


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In site settings “german ISO code not working?” Would that fix it?

Interested in following, thanks!

I am looking to do the same! Important feature needed.

+1, this is an essential feature for everyone located in a country whose primary language is not English. Please make it happen. Thanks!

Do we have a solution for this?

Anyone solved it? I’m scared of loosing all the work I did

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