How to change site name in google?


I am struggling to change my site name in google from the domain name to my website name: e.g Change from to GradHireUp

Any ideas?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Here is my read only link:

Google is somewhat particular about this, but the official way to indicate the site name you want is using JSON+LD;

If that doesn’t pick up within a few weeks you may have better luck actually running some Google Ads; it seems to pick up site name faster and more reliably there.

If I understand right, you would like to influance on the Google’s snippet appearence at SERP:

In fact, that’s up to Google’s decision how to show it. Normally, as you see, Google takes data for snippet from page’s meta “title” and “description”. In your example the title is " When is it too late to apply for graduate jobs?" and it’s shown in the SERP. Although, the page doen’t have “description”. First of all, I’m sure, it worth to add it. There you can add the brand name “GradHireUp” with other text.
Then, if you’d be considering it worth, you can add the structured data using the JSON+LD