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How to change a template link display

Hello, I am not sure how to change the link display when I google my site? When I google my site now “Portfolio template - Webflow HTML website template” is the text that is displayed, which I obviously don’t want people to see! How do I change this on Webflow settings? I have also attached a screenshot.

Here is my site Read-Only:
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])


You’ll need to update the Title Tag under the SEO Settings for the given page (by clicking the little gear icon next to the page in question):

The Meta Description is pulled from the site content if you don’t include one in the field below your Title Tag, however it’s worth noting that there are situations where Google will choose to rewrite this content to better fit the search query so it may vary depending on the keywords used in a users search.

Thank you just fixed this! Does this change take awhile to reflect on Google? Even though I fixed it, it is still showing up the same when I look up my site.

Yep, the content that’s shown within search results is cached and only updated automatically every so often.

If you use Google Search Console you can request that your site is recrawled manually which will speed up the process.