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How to change Pagination "text" to our own language?

Can anyone help. I have to change Pagination to our own language, but I only find out to change the text in the text block “Next”. I do not find out where I can change in the text block “Previous”.

Hi! I am waiting! Is there anybody here who can helpt me to change the text. I have changed the “Next” text, - but I can’t figure out the “Previous” text, WHERE I can change “Previous” to our language!
Please help me!

Hi! can anybody HELP ME??

Impatience is not a virtue in Forums. Post and wait. If you can’t wait then hire help.

See if this video helps you.

Thank you so much for helping me @webdev !

But this didn’t solve my problem. Here is a little video again to show you my problem.
Here is my sharelink

The previous button would not be displayed on the first page of results since there is no previous page to view. Navigate to page two of your paginated results.

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Thank you very very much for your help!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: