Previous and next buttons on my blog pages - how to change the text on the "previous" button?

I’m putting the finishing touches on my blog. I would like to change the text of the buttons from “previous” and “next” to something else like “newer blog posts” “older blog posts”. I can select the type on the “next” button on the blog page (not the blog template page). There doesn’t seem to be any way I can alter the text on the “previous” button because it is hidden. Anyone?


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Here’s the link:

Hi @paint.you1830, hope this little video helps you:

Lmk if you have any other questions?

Happy Designing,


Hi Brandon,

Your advice was great. Thanks so much for your timely reply and your encouraging comments about my site. This is my first attempt at using Webflow and it’s been quite the challenge. I really appreciated your step by step explanations. You very clearly outlined the steps from the point of view of someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing (that’s me!!!). My biggest beef with Webflow is that the vast majority of tutorials and vlogs are created from the point of view that the viewer has full understanding. I want every step explained and nothing glossed over or assumed. I want to be talked to as though I’m an idiot. :slight_smile:

On a side note, are you available for paid advice? Perhaps an over the phone consult. Sometimes I spend days trying to figure out things where I’m stuck and I really need to get this site going so I can
do my real work. I’ve been trying to put this site together on Webflow since January 1. I’m pretty close but there are still some mountains I need to traverse. If not you, is there anyone you could recommend?

I’m in the process of moving my blog from Wordpress. The next couple of mountains are 1) my trying to attach my old blog’s comments through Disqus, 2) establishing menus on a side bar connecting to old blog posts by date and subject, 3) putting a link on the actual blog post templet connecting to the next and previous post and 4) having a larger featured post (my latest) at the top of the first blog page, only. I’d also like to link the heading of each content window on my blog page to link to the page like my “next” button does.

Any advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for your generous help,


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