Button click to change page text content


Trying to create a button in which upon click, switches the text content on the page from Japanese to English vice versa when clicked again such as the website below(※this text switch button only appears in mobile).

Is this possible through the tab function webflow offers?

Hey @jose_tanaka,

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Multilingual sites in WF are a highly demanded feature, that has see the light of day …

Depending on your use-case, there are third-party companies and OS projects that make it straight forward to achieve a multilingual site.

Crude & dirty:

You could just duplicate the page and link to it, but it seems you want a solution w/ navigating pages


Is a company that caters to this use-case as a business
Check out this guide to learn more

custom solution

There’s also this vanilla js approach to change the text on the fly but requires some knowledge of js

Let me know if this helped!

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Thank you. Was able to use javascript to recreate the language switch.