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How to change Current class?

Howdy, I’m new to webflow.

I’m just modifying the page links on a navbar. But when I’m viewing the page that a link is assigned to, there is a Current class assigned to the link which has changed the background color to one I don’t want. There doesn’t seem to be a way to modify the Current class.

So when I’m viewing the contact us page here’s what I see - I just wan’t the link to appear the same as the Services link but with the Txt underlined.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Lukus_Pavos, could you please share the read-only link to your site, and it will help to make things go faster to get this question answered :slight_smile:



Hi @Lukus_Pavos, check out my video, this may help to explain things. The current class is added automatically when the page or section you are in is the current one, in relation to the link or Section ID.

By default the current class does not inherit certain styles, but these are easy to reset:



I have two options for this.

Option #1

Select different link that has the same class but links to different place.

Option #2

Select that link, change it's linking to different page (I ususally link to 404) and change it's styling. Once you're fine with that set your link back up.
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Thanks so much. I could have sworn I tried that many times before lol.

Hi @Lukus_Pavos, no problem ! I am glad if it helped, cheers ! Dave

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