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How to change color of class w--current

The most recently clicked sub-menu item on my web-page appears in blue. I am unable to change this. It appears to be set by a class called “w–current” (see screen shot) that is applied directly to the element. How can I access this class to make changes to it? I am unable to do so using the editor.

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If you had a real link to a child page (you actually had one), you could go to that page, then in the designer, style the current page link anyway you would like.

Thank you so much for the rapid response,
Following your suggestion I have

  • Set up my sub-menu item: “Business” > “Import & Export Companies” to point to the actual page “/dest/thank-you/”

  • Opened that thank-you page in the Editor

  • Selected the Sub-menu item “Business” > “Import & Export Companies”

  • Noticed that the styles now said both “nav-dropdown-sub” & “Current” (see below)

  • Clicked after the green “Current” style, but…

  • It then disappears… (see below)
    And as you can see from the same screen-shot, the typography font color remains the burgundy and not the expected blue of the w–current

How do I edit the font color of the w–current style.

Many thanks,

Just reset the color. Even to the same value. Then it will stick. (When current).

Thank you! It worked.