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How do I change the title on the open tab

Hi there,

Where do I need to change the setting so that I can see what I want, instead of seeing the name of the template/webflow (see screenshot)

Thanks in advance!

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Settings > General Settings > Website Name

Hope this helps. :sunglasses:

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That’s what I thought, but it was changed already, and for some reason not showing:

Make sure to publish the website again for changes to occur.

Did that too :slight_smile:
Could it have to do with my hosting plan, maybe?

What hosting plan are you currently on?

A free one, I think. I was able to change the little icon, but not the title

Try Google-ing your website in incognito mode browser.

Doesn’t change anything

Hey @cjeancouture,

Those General Settings get overwritten by the SEO Settings on each page in the designer.


I figured it out. It was in the designer, under ‘home’

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Yup haha, just changed it. Thanks!

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