How to fix icon size & centering?

I’m trying to increase the size of the LinkedIn icon and center it and not sure what I’m doing wrong. I can’t figure out how to increase it to the size I want without it getting huge. This is on my ABOUT page

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hi @Shdebacker I will strongly recommend to visit WFU to learn how to work with this platform and feel free to use this forum as source of solutions before you post your request.

Again I have watched the video for this one.

hi @Shdebacker if you have watched you should be able change size of any element.
steps are:

  1. select element
  2. change its width and/or height

Hey look I did not come on this forum to argue. You can either help or not.

Hi @Shdebacker firstly please keep good manners as it is one of basic rules on each forum, my name is Stan and not Hey. I have provided solution for each of your requests, but it seems that you can’t understand tutorials and manuals that WF offer to learn this platform. So please read it and watch it again and learn step by step, you will finally get there.

Good luck

Hi Shannon @Shdebacker,

I recorded a lengthy video showing you how to fix the icon as well as a few other suggestions on layout.

Watch Video Here: Icon Help Plus Other Tips · CleanShot Cloud

Hopefully you find this useful :wink:

– Noah

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Hey Dan,

There was a fixed width value in the image settings (cog wheel on the element). This can be easily overlooked for a lot of people. Just to clarify, why someone might not understand why something as easy as changing the width is not working.

Just wanted to share that.
– Noah

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Hi @Noah-R I saw there is max-width: 200% but you can control height (to eg. 20px) icon will get bigger and max-width have no effect. What about that. :slight_smile:

Max width would have no effect, because it’s set to 200%. No reason it should have 200%. The whole thing resolved around parent element issues. That’s why this was confusing for her. The icon wasn’t necessarily the issue. It was everything around it. Just a bad setup from the beginning.

Thank you! This is very helpful and useful. I really appreciate it.

hi @Noah-R that make sense but I didn’t comment on current users setting. My response was set the way that I didn’t see any problem to easily set icon a bit bigger with current setting. Good to see that problem was solved. :slight_smile:

Have a Good one

Again this video is fantastic. I REALLY appreciate it Noah. Thank you!

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My absolute pleasure, Shannon! Have a fantastic week!

– Noah

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