How to change link hover color?

I did something wrong and now this link doesn’t change color when I hover over it (trying to change to orange) and when I mouse out it turns green. I need to hover color to be orange and mouse out color gray. Please help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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hi @Shdebacker I will strongly recommend to visit WFU to learn how to work with this platform and feel free to use this forum as source of solutions before you post your request.

I have already watched this video and can’t figure this one out. The videos are helpful for a general explanation, but are not helpful some of my template specific questions. Can you help with this?

hi @Shdebacker I can see that you have been changing some values in animation assigned to element. Animation have in majority cases 2 parts mouse hover in and mouse hover out animation on in is top part animation out is bottom part.

your green text is assigned on hover out

Please visit WFU and follow ALL courses as they are good source to learn how to work with this platform.

I understand the basics of what you are showing me here and have had no problem changing other links. I’m trying to figure out a problem with one specific link. Telling me to watch the videos is a waste of your time and mine as I have already watched the video for this.

Unless you can help with my specific problem please stop directing me to the videos I have already watched.

hi @Shdebacker sorry that my solutions doesn’t help as I gave you exact information to help you solve your request.

Good luck