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Recovering lost copy

Anyone know if there’s any easy way (or any way at all in fact) to recover unsaved text, published on the home page about 10 days ago, but subsequently deleted before it could be properly archived?

Hi @Fred_Atkins

If it was published, it sounds like it should have saved…

Have a look at these two links and see if you are able to find a version with the text…

Hope that helps rescue things!

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It does help, thank you!

@StuMis right, it’s somewhere in the backups.

And there’s a very simple and neat way to use the Backups as a Time Machine.

Just go to the versions tab in the Dashboard and click on the Preview buttons of the versions you think your text might be in. When you find this version, just copy the text and paste it in the current version.

Better : when needed, it’s possible to copy/past complete and complex webflow elements back to the current version.

Backups + Copy/Paste is a hell of a good combo!

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Hello, maybe you can try some recovery tools to recover your texts, I think it’s also a quick way to find them I have used Bitwar Data Recovery and I think it’s good and effective, maybe you can also have a try.

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