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Type form/google form filling a PDF form

Hi guys, sorry for the questions that are so simple. I am new

Does anyone know how to do an integration so that form fills on my website will be able to be assigned to fields on a form

Picture you had a mortage application form where you used a typeform front end interface to generate the inputs but you want the inputs to populate in a completed forms.

It looks like you might be able to use zapier to get the inputs to a spreadsheet and then map it from there but I am unsure of what applications to use to accomplish this/

Has anyone done this before/

Zapier really is the only thing I can think of that can do something like that. I suggest signing up and doing some tests.

Using JotForm you can get your forms in a pdf.
I think you can choose how you want it to look as well. More or less.

Thanks all I located a third party which provides legal autofill software which temporarily solves my problem

Who? Its always interesting finding new providers :smile: The product appears to work well. Not sure if it needs to be as expensive as it is but then again call a couple securities attorneys and ask them what their bill rate is to produce docs.

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