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How to authorize a download of an E-book upon form submission?


I’m finishing up an ebook project for one of my websites. My plan is to build a gallery of ebooks/ whitepapers and make them available for everyone to download.

I don’t want the download to be free. Instead, I would like to place a form to submit email before they can get to the ebook.

Can you please suggest a workflow that could help me accomplish the following steps.

Ebook gallery > Click on an ebook > takes you to a form > submit the form > get the ebook

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Simple, two options.

  1. You can point to a redirect-URL after form has been submitted to a special page.

See form options:

Redirect for example to:

Where the “hidden” is a folder and it has random pages. That page you can insert the link to the ebook.

Option 2:
Host the files on dropbox, make the end of the link go dl=1, and people download it automatically if you insert that link in the redirect.

Disadvantage: people are stuck on the form page after that.

Or you can put the link in the form success message box.


I’m building a web-based ebook library similar to what webflow has made.

And the following video explains how to build an ebook website using CMS and flexbox features.

The CMS parameters allow you to click on an ebook, so that it navigates to the current ebook. Placing a form in between might break the connection. I would need everything to happen automatically, without creating a page with a form for each ebook.

First, I contacted the webflow support and here’s the response I got -

Thanks for getting in touch! That is an awesome question :slight_smile: At the moment, we do not have that kind of feature that will unlock a page based on a form submission, although it is possible to do this using custom code :

_One excellent service is Google Firebase ( which have a great Authentication widget, that allow users to sign up for facebook, google, twitter, gitHub or email. _

Once a user is signed in, you can pull the url of the content from firebase and redirect the user to the hidden content.

There may be other solutions, another great resource to check is the code help pages. There you can search for answers to common questions and ask for help when you might face a coding or feature requirement.