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Solve this problem: I want to have a download button but before people can download the content, they have to subscribe to my form first

Hi there
When people first click download button, the pop up form will appear they have to sign up the form first. In the second click they will redirect to that file. Is it possible?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I think I can add this interaction
There’s still a problem. When I click submit form I need the pop up to disappear. I tried it and doesn’t work.

instead of redirect you can trigger an anchor tag(say a hidden button somewhere on the page) in this format.


Hi Jenn. Instead of the interaction, I’ve found it easier to send files automatically to the email address provided using Zapier.

You would create a new zap that looks for this form submission - then finds the file you want to send - and adds it to the body of an email coming from Zapier.

The Multi Step Zap looks like this. You’ll need the paid Zapier plan:

In the Find step, you’ll be connecting to your storage, mine is Dropbox so I choose Find File, then create the path to the folder my PDF is in. Then in the next required field I write the exact file name.

Find the folder, then tell Zapier what file you want to get:

The output will be a basic email with whatever you type in the body field and your file below. To improve on that I’d recommend setting up a response with an email application instead. For me, this Zapier setup has been perfect for getting it done quickly before I can do something more elaborate like a custom email template. Hope this helps someone!