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Attaching a link to a PDF with Dropbox

I was having problems with attaching a PDF file located in Dropbox. Is this the right link it seems to work but I want to confirm.

This kind of link link to a page on dropbox with the file.

You can transform it to a link to only the file to download, by replacing by in the url.

Your url work as it is but it shows dropbox UI.

I will try your suggestion and see if that is a better option - I want it to download and display in the best way possible.

Thank you Vincent.


You can also change dl=0 to dl=1 at the end and it will be downloaded.


ah good one!

Thank you Bartekkustra. That worked perfectly for downloading quickly. I left it as is for viewing and reading the guidelines as I couldn’t get away from the dropbox page showing.

Hello Vincent, I could not get the changes you suggested to work - I kept getting error responses. The dl=0 changed to dl=1 worked great for downloading quickly - as some people just want to view and read the guidelines I had to leave that option going to the dropbox page.

Thanks for your help

Or… you can have a small popup to show once the button leading to dropbox is clicked that will show the option of either “SEE IN BROWSER” or “DOWNLOAD PDF” with proper link ending. Or even link can be then generated properly with 1 or 0 in the end :slight_smile:


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