How to Assign value to Input field on Form

Good morning,
I am trying to capture UserID, Current CMS page, and then the stuff the User enters on a Form. When the Form is submitted, a LOGIC flow executes and a record is inserted into the CMS Comments. I have a script that provides the current Logged in User’s Email. I have the Current CMS page (in this case Blog Post). And the LOGIC Flow works (without the two fields).

What I can’t figure out is how to get the Form Input Field (it has to be in Input field or Logic doesn’t recognize it) to be populated with my value of UserEmail.

Once I can do this, I will hide the input field, and everything should be good.

I have searched all documentation. I can’t believe that this is a unique situation.

Please help.


Hi Linda, your name is familiar, I think we’ve chatted in the past.

If you’re using Webflow’s User Accounts and the SA5 User Info lib to get the current user info, it has data-binding built in.

That means you can just add a custom attribute to your input field.

wfu-bind = $

If you’re using a different tech stack or approach, you’ll need to use custom code to set the input value once you have your email address in your JS variable.