How to alter size of gifs and remove recommended gifs


I read other threads on uploading a gif on the forum. Since the gif size is larger than 4 MB it was recommend to upload as a video link.

But when I do that from Giphy I get all the recommended gifs popping up.

And it takes up the whole page:

How can I make it

  1. just the gif
    and 2. make it smaller?

I don’t know where to find the code to edit.

Sorry for such a basic question.


Hi @jmarygraham, welcome.

How about …


Hiya, thanks for the swift reply.

I still get the same ‘Related gifs’ issue when I do that.

The less than 4 MB is just for downloading, i.e. uploading as an image, I assume.

Well this is an MP4.

You are talking about for use in the forums right?

@webdev i am about to try mp4 instead of gif to answer someone.

Hi Steven,
Let me know how it goes.
Mine is still massive:
And I kind of gave up. If you find an answer, I’d be keen to know