How to add a loop video to CMS collections

I’m trying to add a gif or loop video into one of my portfolios pieces. I am going through CMS collections pages to add my content.

The two options I have to upload a video is to upload it as an image (gif) or a video link through other hosting websites like Youtube or Vimeo.

But I don’t want to add a Youtube video or Vimeo video because

  1. it doesn’t autoplay 2. in the end, it shows other videos that are not related to my video at all.

My video is about 30 secs long so when I tried to upload it as an image inside the collections page, it says it’s too big. It has to be smaller than 4MB, my gif is 32MB.

I researched a bit and there’s another option to add a background video. That option allows my gif file size 32MB but it’s only allowed on the templates page, meaning one video will show up on all of my other portfolio pieces when I only want it in one of my portfolio pieces.

What is there a way around this?

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Hi @purplelattes,
I am currently facing the same issues. Have you found any workaround?

Hey @d.Occ I ended up turning my video into a compressed gif so that I can upload it in the post

Thanks! @purplelattes
I think I would also have to do the same, no other ways!