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How to affect a different element with the new interaction system?


Since the release of the new version I am obliged to use the legacy one because I don’t see how to affect a different element with a different class.
I see that I can affect “all element with this class” ; “children with this class”; “only siblings with the class”. It was before much more easy (I think) :slight_smile:

Can someonehelp me on this ?


I see this

or this

or this

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Hi @GerminalOne,

After going from legacy, I understand the confusion.

Where the triangles are is where you choose the element to affect.

So the trigger is on the button. But the interaction will happen on the div I called the Element.


The good thing with this is you can select multiple elements. If you want one button to affect 20 elements, then you can do that. An easier way, is to select the element from the navigator panel (see below)


Let me know if you have any issues