Apply same animation to a certain class

Hello Community,

Here I introduce myself as a Webflow newbie.

Trying to get my head around interactions and how to apply one to more than one element.

I don’t understand why applying to ‘all elements with the same class’ doesn’t work. I feel it shouldn’t matter to specify if they’re siblings, children.

It might be obvious to many but to me it was a head scratcher for the whole day :frowning: !

Please see my website and also pic attached that refers to my build, where I show my doubts on the trigger / class selector


Thank you so much for your help!!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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What exactly doesn’t work? Please specify the element with the interaction that doesn’t work.

The University provides pretty exhaustive overview of everything interactions related.

Hi sorry for replying so late, have been busy with another project — I’ve figured out myself, thanks a lot for trying to help! G