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Animating two elements based on one button

I dont know if is possible to animate two elements when I click on a button. If it is, how can I do that??.

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Hi @GermanMartin2017,
Yes, this is possible.

I use Legacy Interactions to fix this. So enable the “Legacy Interactions” toggle and select the “Click” option:

In the next step you can enable the option “Affect different element(s)”:

You can read more about the Legacy Interactions via this page:

I hope it helps.

When you create an interaction which works on click you can add as many elements that you wish to affect by it inside the interaction settings as you need to. No need to resort to the legacy version really.

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@reiniermartin thanks a lot, that is what I need.

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You’re absolutely right @dram, you can do this with the Interactions 2.0 (which is the default for interactions). I have experienced that the Legacy Interactions are more responsive and require less CPU – especially for older devices. Therefore I would recommend the Legacy Interactions, but if you have different thoughts, please share. :upside_down_face:

Interesting, I never compared hardware load of two interaction generations but I feel like you are right.

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