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Interaction: Assign different affects per actions to a same element

Hi guys,

Is there a way to have an interaction on a div and in this interaction having that div block property filter set with affect “Interaction trigger” AND at same time having another of it’s property for instance “scale” set with affect “Class”.

Whenever I change the affect on an element it changes it for every of it’s actions in the interaction.


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Just create second interaction to affect class.

Yes I know about this work around, but I was wondering if there was a less time consuming manner to achieve this.
And also curious if what I’m asking is just not technically doable or if it’s something that could be implemented in future IX.

Actually you can do it. Sorry for not mentioning this before. Just create the interaction action you need for any element other than interaction trigger that you already have, then right click and change target to the interaction trigger again and then just set it for class.

That’s what I’m saying first place :).
Did you just try it? Because when I do this it changes all affects of the element to class.

Also these info text is not making much sens because I don’t use this on other page, so why can’t I change them both at once to class?

select just one of them before changing to a class

Yes here we loop on same thing, that’s where my issue is, when I select just one of them, it’s switch the 4 of them. And the solution of changing target in between doesn’t work.

For now I’ll leave it, but if anyone of the webflow devs has an idea if this is an issue and could be improve, be my guest :slight_smile:

Found a workaround. First copy your interaction trigger. Create ix for the main trigger, set it to affect “interaction trigger”. Noe select the copy of the element you are adding ix to, create interaction using it, then change it to affect class. Now you can remove the copy!

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Ah! Well done, didn’t even need to make a copy, since I already have a bunch of these elements out there to apply that tricky interaction on :slight_smile:
Thanks @dram !

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