How to add split payment with stripe?

Hello, I would like to know if there is a possibility of accepting payments in installments? Preferably with Stripe or paypal?

If so, how is it possible to add it to my site?

thank you.

Hey! Yeah — either you could try and install Stripe into your Webflow or you could use something like Memberstack (which has a Stripe integration built-in) to create a membership plan based on the instalment amount & the number of months you want it to charge for. :slight_smile:

Isn’t that setup too risky? Better go for the full payment and one time transaction to avoid more issues in the future. I’ve tried offering that kind of setup on this site and it just gives me a lot of headache

Hello ! I already have stripe on my site, but I don’t see how to add the split payment with stripe,
and i don’t even understand if it’s really possible without having to code?

Do I have to do with Memberstack to add it without much difficulty?

Yes it brings a lot of problem, but unfortunately I offer a fairly expensive service that can not do without split payment :confused:

Yes this is possible to setup pretty easily with Memberstack and without coding. Here’s what it looks like:

Example site:

You can collect payments in instalments for X number of months and then transition them over to a ‘free’ membership plan so that they still have access to the same content but without having to pay monthly for it once their payments are complete.

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